About Us

Hey everyone, this is Josh from Just Dingers. I've been an active collector of sports cards and memorabilia since 2010. It's taken years of trial and error, but I consider myself to be a knowledgable collector and investor in sports related items. I'm hoping to share my expertise so that you can avoid making the same mistakes I did!

I love opening boxes of cards. It's one of my favorite things to do. Unfortunately, I can't afford to just open up all these boxes by myself. So I figured I will open up the boxes for you and hopefully you will reap the rewards!

Now, let's be honest. There's seemingly hundreds of box breakers out there, with more popping up every day. I know I can't reinvent the wheel here. There are plenty of great group break sites out there, many of which I enjoy watching myself. I can't promise you that this is going to be the biggest card opening website out there, or that we're going to have breaks for hours and hours every night.

With that said, I do have a set of objectives for this site that I want you to know about.

1. Post quality contentI've invested a lot of time on the front end to make sure everything is working well. Breakers want quality audio and video. This means no videos taken with a cell phone from 2009 and audio from the inside of an aluminum trash can.

2. Transparency is essentialI don't want a hint of foul play being involved. There will be no favoritism. You'll see the breaks be randomized. There won't be any gimmicks involved with mystery boxes. Prices will be listed on the website, not on sticky notes. Prices will never go up once they are posted.

3. Provide value: There's an inherent risk involved with opening up boxes of sports cards. While I can't guarantee you'll make money off of your break, I can guarantee you'll receive something of value. All base cards will be shipped, we will try to provide some extras if you don't get a hit, and there will be some random giveaways at no extra cost.

4. Let's be realisticEvery "hit" isn't amazing. I'm not going to ring a cowbell when you get a game used card that is worth two dollars. I probably won't be shaking at any point, so don't expect that either.

5. Let's have funWhile I am not going to freak out for every card, this is still a very fun hobby that should be enjoyed. It's a privilege to be able to open these boxes for you and I don't take that for granted.

Please reach out to info@justdingers.com if you want more info. I'm happy to answer any questions!